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Song Title: 22 Januari
Artist by. Iwan Fals
Album: Tembang Cinta

Intro: G C G C

22 Januari kita berjanji
Coba saling mengerti
Apa di dalam hati
22 Januari ku tidak sendiri
Aku berteman iblis
Yang baik hati

Jalan berdampingan
G Bm Em
Tak pernah ada tujuan
Membelah malam
G Bm Em
Mendung yang s'lalu datang
Ku dekap erat
Ku pandang senyummu
Dengan sorot mata
Yang keduanya buta
Am Em C G
Lalu kubisikkan sebaris kata-kata
Bm Em C D G
Putus asa...sebentar lagi hujan

2 buku teori kau pinjamkan aku
Tebal tidak berdebu
Ku baca s'lalu
4 lembar fotomu
Dalam lemari kayu
Ku pandang dan ku jaga
Sampai kita jemu

Bacm to (#)

Coda: C F C F

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Daftar lagu rock instrumental

Daftar lagu rock instrumental
Dari Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas berbahasa Indonesia.
Berikut ini adalah daftar lagu rock instrumental, termasuk konser langsung dan drum solo.

* Blizza
* Cali Soca
* Color (Transistor)
* Dreamland (Enlarged to Show Detail 2)
* Old Funk
* Space Funk
* Transistor Intro (Transistor)
* Will the World (Enlarged to Show Detail 2)

* Alphabet Soup (The Lexicon of Love)
* A to Z (How To Be A...Zillionaire!)
* Beauty Stab (Beauty Stab)
* Chicago (Alphabet City)
* Overture (The Lexicon of Love)

* Bonny (AC/DC Live)
* Chase the Ace (Who Made Who)
* D.T. (Who Made Who)
* Fling Thing (B-Side to 'Jailbreak' single)

* Boogie Man (Get a Grip)
* Krawhitham (Pandora's Box)
* The Movie (Permanent Vacation)
Alice in Chains

* Intro (Dream Sequence) (Dirt)
* Whale & Wasp (Jar of Flies)
The Allman Brothers Band

* Don't Want You No More (The Allman Brothers Band)
* Duane's Tune (Dreams - Dickey Betts Band)
* High Falls (Win Lose or Draw)
* Hot 'Lanta (At Fillmore East)
* In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Idlewild South)
* Instrumental Illness (Hittin' the Note)
* Jessica (Brothers and Sisters)
* Kind of Bird (Shades of Two Worlds)
* Les Brers in A Minor (Eat a Peach)
* Little Martha (Eat a Peach)
* Mountain Jam (Eat a Peach)
* Pegasus (Enlightened Rogues)
* True Gravity (Seven Turns)
The Alan Parsons Project

* Dream Within a Dream (Tales of Mystery and Imagination)
* Genesis Ch 1 Vs 32 (I Robot)
* The Gold Bug (The Turn of a Friendly Card)
* Hyper Gamma Spaces (Pyramid)
* I Robot (I Robot)
* In the Lap of the Gods (Pyramid)
* Mammagamma (Eye in the Sky)
* Nucleus (I Robot)
* Pipeline (Ammonia Avenue)
* Sirius (Eye in the Sky)
* Voyager (Pyramid)
Alter Bridge

* Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad (Total Guitar)

* Morphing Into Nothing
Angel Witch

* Devil's Tower

* Crystal Ann

* Intro to Reality (Persistence of Time)
* Pipeline (Attack of the Killer B's)
Apollo 100

* Joy
Arch Enemy

* Hydra (Stigmata)
* Vox Stellarum (Stigmata)
* Snow Bound (Wages of Sin)
* Marching On A Dead End Road (Anthems of Rebellion)
* Anthem (Anthems of Rebellion)
* Enter The Machine (Doomsday Machine)
* Hybrids Of Steel (Doomsday Machine)

* Aqua I (Aqua)
* Aqua II (Aqua)
* Aura (Aura)

* Orchids (Orchids)
The Atomic Bitchwax

* Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me in My Home (The Atomic Bitchwax)
* The Cloning Chamber (The Atomic Bitchwax II)
* Cold Day in Hell (Spit Blood)
* Crazed Fandango (The Atomic Bitchwax)
* Dishing Out Heavy Dose of Tough Love (The Atomic Bitchwax II)
* Force Field (3)
* The Formula (The Atomic Bitchwax)
* Ice Pick Freek (The Atomic Bitchwax II)
* Liquor Queen (The Atomic Bitchwax II & Spit Blood)
* Smokescreen (The Atomic Bitchwax)
* Spit Blood (Spit Blood)
* Stork Theme (The Atomic Bitchwax)
* U Want I Should (Spit Blood)
Atomic Rooster

* A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulserate Go Down
* Ear in the Snow (Nice `N' Greasy)
* Gershatzer (Death Walks Behind You)
* Moods (Nice `N' Greasy)
* VUG (Death Walks Behind You)

* Chaos (Flight of the Migrator)
* Playground (The Human Equation)
* The Dream Sequencer (The Dream Sequencer)
* The Dream Sequencer (reprise) (The Dream Sequencer)
The B-52's

* Follow Your Bliss (Cosmic Thing)


* Satori

The Beach Boys

* Boogie Woodie (Surfer Girl)
* Carl's Big Chance (All Summer Long)
* Denny's Drums (Shut Down Volume 2)
* Diamond Head (Friends)
* Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony) (Smiley Smile)
* Let's Go Away for Awhile (Pet Sounds)
* The Nearest Faraway Place (20/20)
* Passing By (Friends)
* Pet Sounds (Pet Sounds)
* The Rocking Surfer (Surfer Girl)
* Shut Down, Part II (Shut Down Volume 2)
* Summer Means New Love (Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!))

The Beatles

* 12-Bar Original ("Anthology 2")
* Cayenne ("Anthology 1")
* Cry for a Shadow (with Tony Sheridan)
* Flying (Magical Mystery Tour)
* Wild Honey Pie ("The Beatles")
* Revolution 9 ("The Beatles")

Jeff Beck

* Air Blower (Blow by Blow)
* Angel (Footsteps) (Who Else!)
* Another Place (Who Else!)
* Beck's Bolero (Truth)
* Blackbird (You Had it Coming)
* Blast from the East (Who Else!)
* Blue Wind (Wired)
* Brush With the Blues (Who Else!)
* Bulgaria (Jeff)
* Cause We Ended As Lovers (Blow by Blow)
* Constipated Duck (Blow by Blow)
* Declan (Who Else!)
* Diamond Dust (Blow by Blow)
* Dirty Mind (You Had It Coming)
* Earthquake (You Had It Coming)
* Even Odds (Who Else!)
* Freeway Jam (Blow by Blow)
* Grease Monkey (Jeff)
* Hip Notica (Who Else!)
* Hot Rod Honeymoon (Jeff)
* JB's Blues (Jeff)
* Left Hook (You Had It Coming)
* Line Dancing with Monkeys (Jeff)
* Loose Cannon (You Had It Coming)
* My Thing (Jeff)
* Nadia (You Had It Coming)
* Pay Me No Mind (Jeff Beck Remix) (Jeff)
* Plan (Jeff)
* Pork-U-Pine (Jeff)
* Psycho Sam (Who Else!)
* Rollin' and Tumblin' (You Had It Coming)
* Rosebud (You Had It Coming)
* Roy's Toy (You Had It Coming)
* Scatterbrain (Blow by Blow)
* Seasons (Jeff)
* She's a Woman (Blow by Blow)
* So What (Jeff)
* Space for the Papa (Who Else!)
* Suspension (You Had it Coming)
* Thelonius (Blow by Blow)
* THX 138 (Who Else!)
* Trouble Man (Jeff)
* Two Rivers (Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop)
* What Mama Said (Who Else!)
* Why Lord Oh Why? (Jeff)
* You Know What I Mean (Blow by Blow)

Becoming the Archetype

* March of the Dead (Terminate Damnation)
* Elegy: Part II Lament (Terminate Damnation)
* Elegy: Part III Triumph (Terminate Damnation)
* Night's Sorrow (Terminate Damnation)
* Denouement (Terminate Damnation)

Ben Folds Five

* Theme Song from "Dr. Pyser"

Black Sabbath

* Don't Start (Too Late) (Sabotage (album))
* Embryo (Master of Reality)
* Fluff (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)
* Laguna Sunrise (Black Sabbath, Vol. 4)
* Orchid (Master of Reality)
* Rat Salad (Paranoid (album))
* Scarlet Pimpernel (The Eternal Idol)
* The Dark (Born Again (Black Sabbath))
* E5150 (Mob Rules (Black Sabbath))
* Jack The Stripper (Paranoid (album))
* Luke's Wall (Paranoid (album))


* Optigan 1 (13)

Tommy Bolin

* Blowin' Your Cookies (Whips and Roses)
* Cookoo (Whips and Roses)
* Crazed Fandango (From the Archives, Vol. 1)
* Flyin' Fingers (Whips and Roses)
* Homeward Strut ( Teaser)
* Just Don't Fall Down (Whips and Roses)
* Marching Powder ( Teaser)

Jon Bon Jovi

* Guano City (Blaze of Glory)

David Bowie

* A New Career in a New Town (Low)
* Art Decade (Low)
* Crystal Japan (single)
* Ian Fish, U.K. Heir (The Buddha of Suburbia)
* Looking For Lester (Black Tie White Noise)
* Moss Garden ("Heroes")
* The Mysteries (The Buddha of Suburbia)
* Neuköln ("Heroes")
* Sense of Doubt ("Heroes")
* South Horizon (The Buddha of Suburbia)
* Speed of Life (Low)
* The Wedding (Black Tie White Noise)
* Weeping Wall (Low)


* Big Sur Moon
* Cruel Reality Of Nature
* Earth Heals Herself
* Electric Tears
* For Mom
* Ghost
* Ghost Pt.2
* Humans Vanish
* Night Of The Slunk
* Nottingham Lace
* Nun Chuka Kata
* Spider Crawl
* Too Many Humans
* Unrestrained Growth
* Whitewash



* Concerto (Speed Metal Symphony)
* Go Off! (Go Off!)
* Images (Go Off!)
* Speed Metal Symphony (Speed Metal Symphony)


* First Light
* One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night
* Ice
* The Snow Goose

Cannibal Corpse

* From Skin to Liquid
* Infinite Misery
* Relentless Beating

Captain Beefheart

* Hair Pie: Bake 1
* Hair Pie: Bake 2
* Dali's Car
* Peon
* One Red Rose That I Mean
* Ice Rose
* Suction Prints
* A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond
* Flavor Bud Living
* Evening Bell


* Tequila


* A.M. Mourning
* Aire
* Anxiety's Moment
* The Approaching Storm
* Canon
* Devil's Sweet
* Free Country
* Free Form Guitar
* Hanky Panky
* Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home
* The Inner Struggles of a Man
* Italian from New York
* It Better End Soon (2nd Movement)
* Liberation
* Man vs. Man: The End
* Motorboat to Mars
* Once Upon a Time...
* P.M. Mourning
* Prelude
* Prelude to Aire
* Progress?
* To Be Free
* West Virginia Fantasies

Children of Bodom

* War of Razors (Tokyo Warhearts)


* Implements of Destruction

The Chipmunks

* 2003 Outro
* Sorry About That, Herb


* Behind The Screams (An Answer Can Be Found)
* Testing (Volume 2)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

* Sunshine And Clouds (And Everything Proud) (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)

Eric Clapton

* Peaches and Diesel (Slowhand)
* Reptile (Reptile)
* Snake Lake Blues (Crossroads)
* Steppin' Out (Crossroads)
* Son & Sylvia (Reptile)


* Tim Sults Vs. The Greys (Clutch)
* Crackerjack (The Elephant Riders)
* Going to Market (Jam Room)
* Swamp Boat Upside Down (Jam Room)
* Release the Dub (Jam Room)
* Equinox (Slow Hole to China)
* WYSIWYG (Blast Tyrant)
* Triping the Alarm (Robot Hive/Exodus)

Coheed and Cambria

* Keeping the Blade (Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness)
* Second Stage Turbine Blade (The Second Stage Turbine Blade)
* The Ring in Return (In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3)

Catman Cohen

* Sunset in Las Vegas (How I Want to Die: the Catman Chronicles 1)
* Ingrid Knows Who I Am {How I Want to Live: the Catman Chronicles 2)

Phil Collins

* Droned (Face Value)
* Hand in Hand (Face Value)
* Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (...But Seriously)
* The West Side (Hello, I Must Be Going)


* Cat's Squirrel (Fresh Cream)
* Toad (Fresh Cream) (Wheels of Fire)
* Steppin Out (Live @ The Grande Ballroom, 1967 (Bootleg))

The Cure

* A Final Sound (Seventeen Seconds)
* A Normal Story [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* A Reflection (Seventeen Seconds)
* Airlock: The Soundtrack (Pornography Deluxe Edition)
* Another Journey By Train (Join the Dots)
* Break [Demo] (Pornography Deluxe Edition)
* Carnage Visors (Faith)
* Cloudberry (Lost Wishes)
* Demise [Demo] (Pornography Deluxe Edition)
* Descent (Join the Dots)
* Doubt [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* Drowning [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* Faith [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* Going Home Time [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* Off to Sleep... (Lost Wishes)
* Temptation [Demo] (Pornography Deluxe Edition)
* The Holy Hour [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* The Three Sisters (Lost Wishes)
* The Violin Song [Demo] (Faith Deluxe Edition)
* The Weedy Burton (Three Imaginary Boys)
* Uyea Sound (Lost Wishes)


* Textures


Dark Tranquility

* Ex Nihilo
* Mine Is the Grandevr
* The Mind's Eye


* Cosmic Sea (Human)
* Voice of the Soul (The Sound of Perseverance)

Deep Purple

* "A" 200 (Burn)
* Coronarias Redig (Burn - 30th Anniversary Edition)
* Jam Stew (In Rock 25th Anniversary Edition)
* Owed to 'G' (Come Taste the Band)
* Space Truckin' (Made in Japan)
* The Mule (drum solo) (Made in Japan)
* Wring that Neck (Concerto for Group and Orchestra)
* Playground (The Book Of Taliesyn - Remastered)
* Fault Line (Deep Purple (album))

Def Leppard

* Disintegrate (Euphoria)
* Switch 625 (High 'N' Dry)

Depeche Mode

* Agent Orange (Music for the Masses)
* Any Second Now (Just Can't Get Enough)
* Big Muff (Speak and Spell)
* Christmas Island (A Question of Lust)
* Crucified (Violator)
* Easy Tiger (Exciter)
* Excerpts from: My Secret Garden (Leave in Silence)
* Headstar (Only When I Lose Myself)
* Interlude #3 (Violator)
* Interlude #4 (Songs of Faith and Devotion)
* Introspectre (Playing the Angel)
* Jazz Thieves (Ultra)
* Junior Painkiller (Ultra)
* Kaleid (Policy of Truth)
* Lovetheme (Exciter)
* Memphisto (Enjoy the Silence)
* Mission Impossible (Music for the Masses)
* Moonlight Sonata [Beethoven Cover] (Little 15)
* Nothing to Fear (A Broken Frame)
* Oberkorn [It's a Small Town] (The Meaning of Love)
* Painkiller (Barrel of a Gun)
* Pimpf (Music for the Masses)
* Sibeling (Enjoy the Silence)
* Slowblow (It's No Good)
* Stjarna (Little 15)
* The Great Outdoors! (Get the Balance Right)
* Uselink (Ultra)
* Zenstation (Freelove)

Dixie Dregs

* Calcutta
* Cruise Control
* Freefall
* Punk Sandwich
* Refried Funky Chicken
* Take It Off The Top (What If)
* The Bash


* Mr. Scary (Back for the Attack)

Doobie Brothers

* Steamer Lane Breakdown


* Pray For The Locust (NOLA)

Dream Theater

* A Change of Seasons I: The Crimson Sunrise (A Change of Seasons)
* A Change of Seasons IV: The Darkest of Winters (A Change of Seasons)
* A Change of Seasons VI: The Inevitable Summer (A Change of Seasons)
* Bombay Vindaloo (Live at the Marquee)
* Erotomania (Awake)
* Eve (The Silent Man single)
* Hell's Kitchen (Falling Into Infinity)
* Instrumedley (Live at Budokan)
* Overture 1928 (Scenes from a Memory)
* Puppies on Acid (Once in a Livetime)
* Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: I. Overture (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
* Stream of Consciousness (Train of Thought)
* The Dance of Eternity (Scenes from a Memory)
* Trial of Tears: II. Deep In Heaven (Falling Into Infinity)
* Ytse Jam (When Dream and Day Unite)


* Brushstroke: An Elephant in the Delta Waves (El Cielo)
* Brushstroke: dcbtfoabaaposba (El Cielo)
* Brushstroke: New Heart Shadow (El Cielo)
* Brushstroke: Walk in the Park (El Cielo)
* Traversing Through the Arctic Cold, We Search for the Spirit of Yuta (Leitmotif)

Duran Duran

* A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)
* Faith in This Colour (Is There Something I Should Know?)
* Tel Aviv (Duran Duran)
* Tiger Tiger (Seven and the Ragged Tiger)


The Eagles

* Journey of the Sorcerer (One of These Nights)

NOTE: This song has become popular as the theme to the television and movie versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, many of whose fans aren't aware it is by The Eagles.

* Wasted Time (Reprise) (Hotel California)

Duane Eddy

* Peter Gunn
* Rebel Rouser
* The Trembler

Edgar Winter Group

* Frankenstein (song)


* Boilk (Egg)
* Boilk (incl. Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verdebt [J.S.Bach]) (The Polite Force)
* Bulb (Egg)
* Enneagram (The Civil Surface)
* Fugue in D Minor (Egg)
* Germ Patrol (The Civil Surface)
* Long Piece No. 3 (The Polite Force)
* Nearch (The Civil Surface)
* Symphony No. 2 (Egg)
* They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano... (Egg)
* Wind Quartet I (The Civil Surface)
* Wind Quartet II (The Civil Surface)
* You Are All Princes (Seven Is A Jolly Good Time)

Electric Light Orchestra

* Another Heart Breaks (Time)
* Daybreaker (On the Third Day)
* Fire on High (Face the Music)

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

* Blues Variation (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* Fanfare for the Common Man (Works Volume I)
* Hoedown (Trilogy)
* Infinite Space [conclusion] (Tarkus)
* Maple Leaf Rag (Works Volume II)
* Nutrocker (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* Promenade (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* Tank (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
* The Barbarian (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
* The Gnome (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* The Hut of Baba Yaga (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* The Old Castle (Pictures at an Exhibition)
* The Three Fates (a. Clotho b. Lachesis c. Atropos) (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
* Toccata (Brain Salad Surgery)
* When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine (Works Volume II)


* Eternal (Origin)

Explosions in the Sky

* A Poor Man's Memory (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* A Song for Our Fathers (How Strange, Innocence)
* First Breath After Coma (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)
* Glittering Blackness (How Strange, Innocence)
* Greet Death (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* Have You Passed Thru This Night? (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* Look Into the Air (How Strange, Innocence)
* Magic Hours (How Strange, Innocence)
* Memorial (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)
* The Moon is Down (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* The Only Moment We Were Alone (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)
* Remember Me as a Time of Day (How Strange, Innocence)
* Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)
* Snow and Lights (How Strange, Innocence)
* Time Stops (How Strange, Innocence)
* With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* Yasmin the Light (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever)
* Your Hand In Mine (The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place)


Faith No More

* Midnight Cowboy
* Woodpeckers From Mars
* The Grade

Fates Warning

* Time Long Past (Awaken the Guardian)
* The Ivory Gate of Dreams: Part I Innocence (No Exit)
* The Ivory Gate of Dreams: Part VIII Retrospect (No Exit)
* Part VIII (A Pleasant Shade of Gray)
* Part X (A Pleasant Shade of Gray)

The Flaming Lips

* Sleeping On The Roof

Fleetwood Mac

* Albatross
* Sunny Side of Heaven (Bare Trees)
* Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
* Evenin' Boogie
* For Duster (The Blues)
* Caught In the Rain (Penguin)

Flotsam & Jetsam

* Flotzilla (Doomsday for the Deceiver)
* The Jones (No Place for Disgrace)
* I.A.M.H. (My God)
* Requiescal (Dreams of Death)
* Nascentes Morimar (Dreams of Death)


* Eruption
* Hocus Pocus
* Sylvia

Marty Friedman

* Arival (Introduction)
* Bittersweet(Introduction)
* Be (Introduction)
* Escapism (Introduction)
* Luna (Introduction)
* Mama (Introduction)
* Loneliness (Introduction)
* Siberia (Introduction)
* Tibet (Scenes)
* Angel (Scenes)
* Valley of Eternity (Scenes)
* Night (Scenes)
* Realm of the Senses (Scenes)
* West (Scenes)
* Trance (Scenes)
* Triumph (Scenes)
* Gimme a Dose (Music for Speeding)
* Fuel Injection Stingray (Music for Speeding)
* Ripped (Music for Speeding)
* It's the Unreal Thing(Music for Speeding)
* Cheer Girl Rampage (Music for Speeding)
* Lust For Life (Music for Speeding)
* Lovesorrow (Music for Speeding)
* Nastymachine (Music for Speeding)
* Catfight (Music for Speeding)
* Corazon de Santiago (Music for Speeding)
* 0-7-2 (Music for Speeding)
* Salt in the Wound (Music for Speeding)
* Novocaine Kiss (Music for Speeding)

John Frusciante

* Untitled #1 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #2 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #3 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #4 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #5 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #6 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #7 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #8 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #9 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #10 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #11 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #12 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* Untitled #13 (Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt)
* -00Ghost27 (Shadows Collide With People)
* Failure33Object (Shadows Collide With People)
* 23 Go Into End (Shadows Collide With People)
* Murderers (To Record Only Water for Ten Days)
* Helical (The Will To Death)

The Fucking Champs

* What's a Little Reign? (IV)
* Esprit de Corpse (IV)
* Policenauts (IV)
* Lamplighter (IV)
* Thor is Like Immortal (IV)
* C'mon Smash the Quotile (IV)
* These Glyphs are Dusty (IV)
* I Love the Spirit World and I Love Your Father (IV)
* Vangelis Again (IV)
* Lost (IV)


* Arpeggiator (End Hits)
* Brendan #1 (Repeater)
* Combination Lock (Red Medicine)
* Joe #1 (3 Songs)
* Steady Diet (Steady Diet of Nothing)
* Sweet And Low (In on the Kill Taker)
* Version (Red Medicine)



* Shibuya


* After the Ordeal (Selling England by the Pound)
* The Brazilian (Invisible Touch)
* Duke's End (Duke)
* Hairless Heart (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
* Horizons (Foxtrot)
* ...In that Quiet Earth' (Wind & Wuthering)
* Los Endos (A Trick of the Tail )
* Ravine (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
* Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
* The Waiting Room (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)
* 'Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... (Wind & Wuthering)
* Wot Gorilla? (Wind & Wuthering)


* Someone In London (Godsmack)
* Vampires (Awake)
* The Awakening (Faceless)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

* 09-15-00 (Yanqui U.X.O.)
* Antennas to Heaven (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven)
* BBF3 (Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada)
* The Dead Flag Blues (f#a#∞)
* East Hastings (f#a#∞)
* Motherfucker=redeemer (Yanqui U.X.O.)
* Moya (Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada)
* Providence (f#a#∞)
* Rockets fall on Rocket Falls. (Yanqui U.X.O.)
* Sleep (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven)
* Static (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven)
* Storm (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven)

Green Day

* Espionage (Shenanigans)
* Last Ride In (Nimrod)


Steve Hackett

* The Silk Road (To Watch the Storms)
* Wind, Stand & Stars (To Watch the Storms)
* Ace of Wands (Voyage of the Acolyte)
* Hands of the Priestess, Parts 1 & 2 (Voyage of the Acolyte)
* A Tower Struck Down (Voyage of the Acolyte)
* The Lovers (Voyage of the Acolyte)


* Walls of Jericho (Walls of Jericho)

Jimi Hendrix

* Auld Lang Syne (Live at the Fillmore East)
* Bold As Love (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Born Under a Bad Sign
* Cherokee Mist (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Driving South (The BBC Sessions)
* Jam Back at the House (Live at Woodstock)
* Jelly 292
* Pali Gap (Rainbow Bridge)
* Star Spangled Banner (Live at Woodstock)
* Third Stone from the Sun (Are You Experienced)
* Title #3 (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Villanova Junction (Live at Woodstock)
* Woodstock Improvisation (Live at Woodstock)

Henry Cow

* ½ the Sky (Western Culture)
* Amygdala (Leg End)
* Arcades (Unrest)
* Beginning: the Long March (In Praise of Learning)
* Bittern Storm Over Ulm (Unrest)
* Extract from 'With the Yellow Half-Moon and Blue Star' (Leg End)
* Falling Away (Western Culture)
* Gretels Tale (Western Culture)
* Groningen (Henry Cow Concerts)
* Groningen again (Henry Cow Concerts)
* Half Asleep, Half Awake (Unrest)
* Industry (Western Culture)
* Look Back (Western Culture)
* Morning Star (In Praise of Learning)
* Nirvana (Reprise) (Leg End)
* Nirvana for Mice (Leg End)
* On the Raft (Western Culture)
* Ruins (Unrest)
* Solemn Music (Unrest)
* Teenbeat (Leg End)
* Teenbeat (Introduction) (Leg End)
* Teenbeat (Reprise) (Leg End)
* The Decay of Cities (Western Culture)
* The Tenth Chaffinch (Leg End)
* Udine (Henry Cow Concerts)
* Upon Entering the Hotel Adlon (Unrest)


* Ace and Deuce (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* Before the Storm (Aliens (album)|Aliens)
* Crabs in the Skillet (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* Daybreak (The Book of Invasions)
* Dark (The Book of Invasions)
* Denis O'Connor (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* Drive the Cold Winter Away (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* Drive the Cold Winter Away (reprise) (The Book of Invasions)
* Dusk (The Book of Invasions)
* Exiles (Aliens (album)|Aliens)
* Flower Amang Them All (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* Gae Bolga (The Táin)
* Happy to Meet (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* Johhny's Wedding (Tracks from the Vaults)
* King of the Fairies (Dancehall Sweethearts)
* Lullaby (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* Maeve's Court (The Táin)
* March into Trouble (The Book of Invasions)
* Oisin's Tune (Tracks from the Vaults)
* Phil the Fluter's Rag (Tracks from the Vaults)
* Setanta (The Táin)
* Sir Festus Burke/Carolan's Frolic (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* Sorry to Part (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* The Clergy's Lamentation (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* The Fab Four-Four (Tracks from the Vaults)
* The Fairy King (Tracks from the Vaults)
* The High Reel (Tracks from the Vaults)

NOTE: 'The High Reel' is also available on the 1978 edit of Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part, which was released only in UK.

* The March (parts 1 and 2) (The Táin)
* The Morrigan's Dream (The Táin)
* The Musical Priest (Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part)
* The Piper in the Meadow Straying (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* The Silver Spear (The Táin)
* The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle (The Unfortunate Cup of Tea)
* The Snow and the Frost Are All Over/Paddy Fahey's (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* The Unfortunate Cup of Tea (The Unfortunate Cup of Tea)
* Thompson's/Cottage in the Grove (Drive the Cold Winter Away)
* We Bring the Summer with Us (Dancehall Sweethearts)


Iced Earth

* 1776 (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
* Enter the Realm (Days of Purgatory)
* The Funeral (Iced Earth)
* Solitude (Iced Earth)
* The Star Spangled Banner (The Glorious Burden)
* Transylvania (Horror Show)


* Follow - 1st Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 2nd Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 3rd Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 4th Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* Magic Medicine (S.C.I.E.N.C.E.)
* Battlestar Scralatchtica (Make Yourself)

In Flames

* Acoustic Medley (Black-Ash Inheritance)
* Dialogue With The Stars (Whoracle)
* The Jester's Dance (The Jester Race)
* Wayfaerer (The Jester Race)
* Pallar Anders Visa (Colony)
* Man Made God (Colony)

Iron Maiden

* Genghis Khan (Killers)
* The Ides of March (Killers)
* Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) (Powerslave)
* Transylvania (Iron Maiden)


J. Geils Band

* Whammer Jammer

Jacob's Dream

* Canon (Drama of the Ages)

Jake E. Lee

* Exithouse (A Fine Pink Mist)
* Demon A Go-Go (A Fine Pink Mist)
* Galaxy of Tears (A Fine Pink Mist)
* I Magnify (A Fine Pink Mist)
* Luna Gitana (A Fine Pink Mist)
* The Velvet Fire (A Fine Pink Mist)

Jethro Tull

* Bourée (Stand Up)
* Dharma For One (This Was)
* One For John Gee (This Was)
* Round (This Was)
* Serenade to a Cuckoo (This Was)
* For Later (Living in the Past)
* By Kind Permission Of (Living in the Past)
* Warm Sporran (Stormwatch)
* Elegy (Stormwatch)
* The Pine Marten's Jig (A)
* Pan Dance (20 Years Of Jethro Tull)
* Quartet (Nightcap)

Elton John

* Carla (The Fox)
* Etude (The Fox)
* Fanfare (The Fox)
* Funeral for a Friend (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
* Out of the Blue (Blue Moves)
* Reverie (A Single Man)
* Song for Guy (A Single Man)
* Theme From a Non-Existent TV Series (Blue Moves)
* Your Starter For... (Blue Moves)

Eric Johnson

* Camel's Night Out
* Cliffs of Dover (Ah Via Musicom)
* East Wes (Ah Via Musicom)
* Manhattan
* Pavilion
* Righteous (Ah Via Musicom)
* Song For George (Ah Via Musicom)
* Soulful Terrain (Tones)
* SRV (Venus Isle)
* Trademark (Ah Via Musicom)
* Zap (Seven Worlds)

John 5

* Damaged

Bradley Joseph

* Hear the Masses

Judas Priest

* Battle Hymn (Painkiller)
* Caviar and Meths (Rocka Rolla)
* Prelude (Sad Wings of Destiny)



* The Spider (Point of Know Return)

Phil Keaggy

* Animal (220)
* Arrow (220)
* Beyond This Day (220)
* Highland (220)
* Ian's Grove (220)
* Montana (220)
* Stomp (220)
* Tennessee Morning (220)
* The Great Escape (220)
* Watt Ever(220)

King Crimson

* Asbury Park (USA)
* B'boom (THRAK)
* Dangerous Curves (The Power to Believe)
* The Devil's Triangle (a. Merday Morn b. Hand of Sceiron c. Garden of Worm) (In the Wake of Poseidon)
* Discipline (Discipline)
* EleKtriK (The Power to Believe)
* Facts of Life (Intro) (The Power to Believe)
* Fearless and Highly Thrakked (THRaKaTTaK)
* Fracture (Starless and Bible Black)
* FraKctured (The ConstruKction of Light)
* Groon (Cat Food single B-side, also appears on the 30th anniversary remaster of In the Wake of Poseidon)
* Industrial Zone A (Three of a Perfect Pair (CD))
* Industrial Zone B (Three of a Perfect Pair (CD))
* Industry (Three of a Perfect Pair)
* Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part III) (Three of a Perfect Pair)
* Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part IV) (The ConstruKction of Light)
* Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Parts I & II) (Larks' Tongues in Aspic)
* Level Five (The Power to Believe)
* Mother Hold the Candle Steady While I Shave the Chicken's Lip (THRaKaTTaK)
* No Warning (Three of a Perfect Pair)
* Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds) (Three of a Perfect Pair)
* Peace - a Theme (In the Wake of Poseidon)
* Prelude: Song of the Gulls (Islands)
* ProjeKct X: Heaven and Earth (The ConstruKction of Light, longer vesion also included on ProjeKct X album)
* Providence (Red)
* Radio (Parts I & II) (THRAK)
* Red (Red)
* The Sheltering Sky (Discipline)
* Starless and Bible Black (Starless and Bible Black)
* The ConstruKtion of Light (Part I) (The ConstruKction of Light)
* The Sailor's Tale (Islands)
* The Slaughter of the Innocents (THRaKaTTaK)
* The Talking Drum (Larks' Tongues in Aspic)
* This Night Wounds Time (THRaKaTTaK)
* THRAK (Reprise) (THRaKaTTaK)
* THRaKaTTak (Parts I & II) (THRaKaTTaK)
* Trio (Starless and Bible Black)
* We'll Let You Know (Starless and Bible Black)


* Escape From the Island (Music From The Elder)
* fanfare (Music From The Elder)
* Love Theme from Kiss (KISS)


* Porno Creep (Life Is Peachy)


* 800 (Blues for the Red Sun)
* Apothecaries' Weight (Blues for the Red Sun)
* Asteroid (Welcome to Sky Valley)
* Capsized (Blues for the Red Sun)
* Caterpillar March (Blues for the Red Sun)
* Jumbo Blimp Jumbo (...And the Circus Leaves Town)
* Molten Universe (Blues for the Red Sun)
* Mudfly (Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss)
* Stage III (Wretch)
* Thee Ol' Boozeroony (...And the Circus Leaves Town)


Led Zeppelin

* Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin I)
* Bonzo's Montreux (Coda)
* Bron Yr Aur (Physical Graffiti)
* Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin II and The Song Remains the Same)
* White Summer (Coda)

Linkin Park

* A.06 (LP Underground 2.0 EP)
* Cure for the Itch (Hybrid Theory)
* Session (Meteora)

Liquid Tension Experiment

* 914 ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Acid Rain ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Another Dimension ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Biaxident ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Chewbacca ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Freedom Of Speech ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Hourglass ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Kindred Spirits ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Liquid Dreams ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )
* Osmosis ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Paradigm Shift ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* State of Grace ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* The Stretch ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Three Minute Warning ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* Universal Mind ( Liquid Tension Experiment )
* When the Water Breaks ( Liquid Tension Experiment 2 )

The Living End

* Closing In ( The Living End)
* E-Boogie (live only song)
* Hellbound ( Hellbound )


Yngwie Malmsteen

* Air (Attack)
* Air on a Theme (Facing The Animal)
* Baroque & Roll (Attack)
* Battlefield (Attack)
* Bite the Bullet (Odyssey)
* Black Star (Rising Force)
* Blitzkrieg (Alchemy)
* Blue (Alchemy)
* Brothers (The Seventh Sign)
* Cantabile (Magnum Opus)
* Crying (Trilogy)
* Eclipse (Eclipse)
* Evil Eye (Rising Force)
* Dawn (Magnum Opus)
* Far Beyond the Sun (Rising Force)
* Farewell (Rising Force)
* Flamenco Diablo
* Fuguetta (Unleash the Fury)
* Golden Dawn (Fire And Ice)
* Guardian Angel (Unleash the Fury)
* Icarus' Dream Suite (Rising Force)
* Instrumental Institution (War To End All Wars)
* Krakatau (Odyssey)
* Leviathan (Fire And Ice)
* Little Savage (Rising Force)
* Magic and Mayhem (Unleash the Fury)
* Majestic Blue (Attack)
* Marching Out (Marching Out)
* Memories (Odyssey)
* Molto Arpeggiosa (War To End All Wars)
* Overture 1383 (Marching Out)
* Overture 1622 (Magnum Opus)
* Paraphrase (Unleash the Fury)
* Perpetual (Fire And Ice)
* Preludium (War To End All Wars)
* Sorrow (The Seventh Sign)
* Treasure from the East (War To End All Wars)
* Trilogy Suite Op. 5 (Trilogy)

Manic Street Preachers

* Horses Under Starlight (Kevin Carter)


* Joseph Merrick (Leviathan)
* Elephant Man (Remission)

The Mars Volta

* Tira me a Las Arañas (De-Loused in the Comatorium)

Brian May

* Blues Breaker (Star Fleet)
* Last Horizon (Back to the Light)
* The Dark (Back to the Light)


* Absolution (Youthanasia)
* Almost Honest (Cryptic Sounds)
* A Secret Place (Cryptic Sounds)
* Duke Nukem Theme (Risk)
* Into the Lungs of Hell (So Far, So Good... So What?)
* Last Rites (Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!)
* She-Wolf (Cryptic Sounds)
* Silent Scorn (The World Needs A Hero)
* Vortex (Cryptic Sounds)


* "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" (Kill 'Em All)
* "Ecstasy of Gold" (S&M)
* "Orion" (Master of Puppets)
* "The Call of Ktulu" (Ride the Lightning)
* "To Live Is To Die" (...And Justice For All) [lagu ini memiliki lirik yang dibacakan yang juga tercantum dalam lyrics sheet]

Michael Angelo Batio

* 2X Again (No Boundaries)
* Avalanche (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* Diary of an Empty Life (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* Enough Is Enough (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* Full Force (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* I Do for You (No Boundaries)
* Intro: This CD Is Dedicated to You (No Boundaries)
* Instant Glamour (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* No Boundaries (No Boundaries)
* Outsideinside (No Boundaries)
* Peace (No Boundaries)
* Rain Forest (No Boundaries)
* Science Fiction (No Boundaries)
* She Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* Stop Complaining (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* Take a Look Around (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)
* The Finish Line (No Boundaries)
* The Jam Game (No Boundaries)
* Who Can You Trust? (Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity)


* 10/10 (Dark Side of the Spoon)
* Abortive (The Land of Rape and Honey)
* Corrosion (Psalm 69)
* Crash And Burn ( Twitch)
* Fucked (Non Album Track)
* Golden Dawn (The Land of Rape and Honey)
* Grace (Psalm 69)
* Happy Dust (Bad Blood Single)
* Hizbollah (The Land of Rape and Honey)
* Leper (Animositisomina)
* Twitch (Version II) ( Twitch)
* Walrus (Bonus Track) (Houses of the Molé)


* 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (Rock Action)
* A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters (Young Team)
* A Place for Parks (Ten Rapid)
* Angels vs. Aliens (Ten Rapid)
* Auto Rock (Mr. Beast)
* Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Chocky (Come On Die Young)
* Christmas Steps (Come On Die Young)
* End (Ten Rapid)
* Emergency Trap (Mr. Beast)
* Ex-Cowboy (Come On Die Young)
* Folk Death 95 (Mr. Beast)
* Friend Of The Night (Mr. Beast)
* Glasgow Mega-Snake (Mr. Beast)
* Golden Porsche (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Helicon 1 (Ten Rapid)
* Helicon 2 (Ten Rapid)
* Helps Both Ways (Come On Die Young)
* Hunted By a Freak (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* I Am not Batman (Ten Rapid)
* I Know You Are but What Am I? (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Ithica 27-9 (Ten Rapid)
* Kappa (Come On Die Young)
* Katrien (Young Team)
* Kids Will Be Skeletons (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Killing All the Flies (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Like Herod (Young Team)
* May Nothing but Happiness Come through Your Door (Come On Die Young)
* Mogwai Fear Satan (Young Team)
* Moses? I Amn't (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up (Come On Die Young)
* Punk Rock (Come On Die Young)
* Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist (Come On Die Young)
* Radar Maker (Young Team)
* Ratts of the Capital (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Robot Chant (Rock Action)
* Sine Wave (Rock Action)
* Stop Coming to My House (Happy Songs for Happy People)
* Summer (Priority Version) (Young Team)
* Summer (Ten Rapid)
* Team Handed (Mr. Beast)
* Tracy (Young Team)
* Tuner (Ten Rapid)
* Waltz for Aidan (Come On Die Young)
* We're No Here (Mr. Beast)
* With Portfolio (Young Team)
* Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia (Come On Die Young)
* Yes! I Am A Long Way from Home (Young Team)
* You Don't Know Jesus (Rock Action)

The Monks

* Skylab (theme from The Monks) (Bad Habits)


* 16.12 (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* 2 Candles, 1 Wish (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* A Speeding Car (One Step More and You Die)
* A Thousand Paper Cranes (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Com(?) (One Step More and You Die)
* Giant Me On the Other Side (One Step More and You Die)
* Halcyon (Beautiful Days) (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Halo (One Step More and You Die)
* Loco Tracks (One Step More and You Die)
* Lost Snow (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Mere Your Pathetique Light (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper (One Step More and You Die)
* Ode (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Sabbath (One Step More and You Die)
* The Sky Remains the Same As Ever (Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined)
* Where Am I (One Step More and You Die)

Ronnie Montrose

* Black Box (The Speed of Sound)
* Hyper-Thrust (The Speed of Sound)
* Mach 1 (The Speed of Sound)
* Monolith (The Speed of Sound)
* Outer Marker Inbound (The Speed of Sound)
* Sidewinder (The Speed of Sound)
* Telstar (The Speed of Sound)
* Vtol (The Speed of Sound)
* Windshear (The Speed of Sound)
* Zero G (The Speed of Sound)

The Moody Blues

* Beyond (To Our Children's Children's Children)
* Hole in the World (The Present)
* The Voyage (On the Threshold of a Dream)

Mötley Crüe

* Bittersuite ( Quarternary)
* God Bless The Children Of The Beast (Shout At The Devil)
* TNT (Terror N' Tinsletown) (Dr. Feelgood)


* Instro (Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers)



* Rose in the Heather (Hair of the Dog)

Neutral Milk Hotel

* The Fool (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)
* [untitled] (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)


* The Holocaust of Thought (This Godless Endeavor)

Nine Inch Nails

* Adrift and at Peace ( Still)
* A Warm Place (The Downward Spiral)
* Complication (The Fragile)
* Gone, Still ( Still)
* Help Me I Am in Hell (Broken)
* Just Like You Imagined (The Fragile)
* Leaving Hope ( Still)
* Pilgrimage (The Fragile)
* Pinion (Broken)
* Ripe (With Decay) (The Fragile)
* The Frail (The Fragile)
* The Persistence of Loss ( Still)


* Grey Goose (Demo, 1989) (With the Lights Out)


* Desert Land (The Great Fall)
* Ground Zero (The Great Fall)
* Misty Morning (Desert Land)
* The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Desert Land)
* The Return of Aslan (Awakening)

No Use For A Name

* Failing Is Easier (Pt. 3) (Keep Them Confused)



* A Quick Peep (Heathen Chemistry)
* Fuckin' in the Bushes (Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, contains vocal samples)
* The Swamp Song (The Masterplan)

Mike Oldfield

* Arrival (QE2)
* Blue Peter (Music Wonderland)
* Coflict (QE2)
* In Dulci Jubilo (1975 single. Also appears on Boxed and on Ommadawn)
* Mount Teidi (Five Miles Out)
* Portsmouth (Boxed)
* Sailor's Hornpipe (Music Wonderland)
* Taurus I (QE2)
* Wonderful Land (QE2)


* Ending Credits (Damnation)
* Epilogue (My Arms Your Hearse)
* For Absent Friends (Deliverance)
* Madrigal (My Arms Your Hearse)
* Patterns in the Ivy (Blackwater Park)
* Prologue (My Arms Your Hearse)
* Requiem (Orchid)
* Silhouette (Orchid)


Pearl Jam

* Brother (Lost Dogs)


* Proliferous Souls (Consuming Impulse)

Pink Floyd

* Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast (Atom Heart Mother)
* A Saucerful of Secrets (A Saucerful of Secrets)
* A Spanish Piece (Music From the Film More)
* Absolutely Curtains (Obscured by Clouds)
* Any Colour You Like (Dark Side of the Moon)
* Atom Heart Mother Suite (Atom Heart Mother)
* Careful with That Axe, Eugene (Relics)
* Cluster One (The Division Bell)
* Dramatic Theme (Music From the Film More)
* Heart Beat, Pigmeat (Zabriskie Point)
* Interstellar Overdrive (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
* Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall)
* Love Scene Versions IV and VI (Zabriskie Point)
* Main Theme (Music From the Film More)
* Marooned (The Division Bell)
* More Blues (Music From the Film More)
* Mudmen (Obscured by Clouds)
* Nick's Boogie (Tonite Let's All Make Love in London)
* Obscured by Clouds (Obscured by Clouds)
* On the Run (Dark Side of the Moon)
* One of These Days (Meddle)
* Party Sequence (Music From the Film More)
* Pow R. Toc H. (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
* Quicksilver (Music From the Film More)
* Round and Around (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
* Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-III, V-VI, VIII-IX (Wish You Were Here)
* Signs of Life (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
* Speak to Me (Dark Side of the Moon)
* Sysyphus Parts I-IV (Ummagumma)
* Terminal Frost (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
* The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Parts I-III (Ummagumma)
* The Great Gig in the Sky (Dark Side of the Moon)
* The Last Few Bricks (Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81)
* The Narrow Way Parts I and II (Ummagumma)
* Unknown Song (Zabriskie Point)
* Up The Khyber (Music From the Film More)
* When You're in (Obscured by Clouds)


* Cecilia Ann (Bossanova)
* Letter to Memphis (Complete B-Sides)
* Theme from Narc (Complete B-Sides)
* Velvety Instrumental Version (Complete B-Sides)


* Celestial (Satellite)
* Eternal (Payable On Death)
* Guitarras de Amor (Satellite)
* Lo Siento (The Fundamental Elements of Southtown)

The Police

* Behind My Camel (Zenyatta Mondatta)
* Regatta De Blanc
* The Other Way of Stopping (Zenyatta Mondatta)


* Bulletproof Cupid (Sleeping With Ghosts)

Porcupine Tree

* Ambulance Chasing (Recordings EP)
* Bornlivedie (Signify)
* Burning Sky (Up the Downstair)
* Cloud Zero (Staircase infinities EP)
* Dark Origins (Insignificance EP)
* Door To The River (Metanoia)
* Hallogallo (Insignificance EP)
* Idiot Prayer (Signify)
* Insignificance (Metanoia)
* It Will Rain For A Million Years (On The Sunday Of Life)
* Intermediate Jesus (Signify)
* Light Mass Prayer (Signify)
* Mesmer (Part One) (Metanoia)
* Mesmer (Part Two) (Metanoia)
* Metanoia (Metanoia)
* Milan (Metanoia)
* Moonloop (Moonloop EP)
* Navigator (Staircase infinities EP)
* Neural Rust (Insignificance EP)
* Oceans have no memory (Recordings EP)
* On The Sunday Of Life (On The Sunday Of Life)
* Orchidia (Futile EP)
* Pagan (Signify)
* Prepare Yourself (The Sky Moves Sideways)
* Rainy taxi (Staircase infinities)
* Signify (Signify)
* The Sky Moves Sideways (Part Two) (The Sky Moves Sideways)
* Tinto Brass (Stupid Dream)
* Transmission IV (Transmition IV)
* Untitled (Recordings)
* Waiting (Phase Two) (Signify)
* Wedding Nails (In Absentia)
* Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (Staircase infinities)


* Behind My Camel (Rhinoplasty)
* Captain Shiner (Tales from the Punchbowl)
* Eleven (Drum Solo Intro) (Sailing the Seas of Cheese (Live Only))
* Hail Santa (Pork Soda)
* Hamburger Train (Pork Soda)
* Intro (Antipop)
* Porkchop's Little Ditty (Parts 1 & 2) (Pork Soda)
* Sathington Waltz (Sailing the Seas of Cheese)
* Silly Putty (Rhinoplasty)
* Space Farm (Tales from the Punchbowl)
* Tippi Toes (Miscellaneous Debris)
* To Defy (Frizzle Fry)
* Wounded Knee (Pork Soda)
* You Can't Kill Michael Malloy (Frizzle Fry)



* Brighton Rock Solo (Live at Wembley '86)
* Chinese Torture (The Miracle)
* Forever (A Kind of Magic)
* God Save the Queen (A Night at the Opera)
* Guitar Solo (Return of the Champions)
* Impromptu (Live at Wembley '86)
* Let There Be Drums (Return of the Champions)
* Last Horizon (Return of the Champions, originally appearing on Brian May's "Back To The Light")
* Procession (Queen II)
* Seven Seas of Rhye (1973 version) (Queen)
* Untitled (last track on CD release of "Made in Heaven")

Queens of the Stone Age

* Hispanic Impressions (Queens of the Stone Age)
* Lightning Song (Rated R)
* Spiders and Vinegaroons (Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age [Split EP])
* These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For (Queens of the Stone Age/Beaver [Split EP])


* Anarchy-X (Operation: Mindcrime)
* Freiheit Overture (Operation: Mindcrime II)
* Waiting for 22 (Operation: Mindcrime)

Quicksilver Messenger Service

* Calvary (Happy Trails)
* Maiden of the Cancer Moon (Happy Trails)


Racer X

* B.R.O. (Technical Difficulties)
* Frenzy (Street Lethal)
* Phallic Tractor (Technical Difficulties)
* Scarified (2nd Heat)
* Scit Scat Wah (Extreme Volume - Live)
* Technical Difficulties (Technical Difficulties)
* Viking Kong (Superheroes)
* Y.R.O. (Street Lethal)


* Fast Track (Pyramid Song)
* Hunting Bears (Amnesiac)
* I Am Citizen Insane (Go to Sleep)
* Meeting in the Aisle (Airbag/How Am I Driving?)
* Treefingers (Kid A)
* Where Bluebirds Fly (There there)


* Alive But Dead (Instrumental Orchestra Version) (Lingua Mortis)
* Grapes of Wrath (Execution Guaranteed)
* Lunatic (Welcome to the Other Side)
* Marching Heroes (The Wooden Cross) (Trapped)
* Overture (XIII)
* Requiem (Welcome to the Other Side)
* Trauma (Welcome to the Other Side)
* Unity (From the Cradle to the Stage)
* Unity (Unity)
* What's Up (Reflections of A Shadow)

* Still I'm Sad (Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow)
* Weiss Heim (Finyl Vinyl, originally a B-side from the 1980 single All Night Long)
* Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time) (Difficult To Cure)
* Anyone There (Bent Out Of Shape)
* Snowman (Bent Out Of Shape)
* Difficult To Cure (Difficult To Cure)


* 5/4 (Mutter)

Reb Beach

* Black Magic (Guitars that Rule the World)
* Get Out and Walk (Masquerade)
* Spaghetti Western (The Mob)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

* Christchurch Fireworks Music (Can't Stop Single)
* Fela's Cock (Under the Bridge (Single))
* Grand Pappy Du Plenty (The Red Hot Chili Peppers)
* Instrumental #1 (Scar Tissue (Single))
* Instrumental #2 (Californication (Australasian Release))
* Pretty Little Ditty (Mother's Milk)
* Song That Made Us What We Are Today (Demo) (Mother's Milk)
* Slowly, Deeply (Universally Speaking ver. #2 (Single))
* Teatro Jam (Around the World (Single))

Red Sparowes

* A Brief Moment of Clarity Broke through The Deafening Hum, but It Was Too Late (At The Soundless Dawn)
* Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes (At The Soundless Dawn)
* Buildings Began to Stretch Wide Across the Sky, and the Air Filled with a Reddish Glow (At The Soundless Dawn)
* Mechanical Sounds Cascaded through the City Walls and Everyone Reveled in Their Ignorance (At The Soundless Dawn)
* Our Happiest Days Slowly Began to Turn into Dust (At The Soundless Dawn)
* The Sixth Extinction Crept Up Slowly, Like Sunlight Through the Shutters, as We Looked Back in Regret (At The Soundless Dawn)
* The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon (At The Soundless Dawn)

Lou Reed

* Metal Machine Music, Part I (Metal Machine Music)
* Metal Machine Music, Part II (Metal Machine Music)
* Metal Machine Music, Part III (Metal Machine Music)
* Metal Machine Music, Part IV (Metal Machine Music)


* Andy Gets Fired (Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture)
* Emphysema (Daysleeper B-side)
* Endgame (Out of Time)
* Forty Second Song (Shiny Happy People B-side)
* Fruity Organ (Automatic Box)
* Last Date (R.E.M.: In the Attic) - cover of Floyd Cramer song
* Lynne & Andy (Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture)
* Mandolin Strum (Automatic Box)
* Milk & Cookies (Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture)
* Miracle (Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture)
* New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 (Automatic for the People)
* New Orleans Instrumental No. 2 (Automatic Box)
* Organ Song (Automatic Box)
* Rotary Ten (Dead Letter Office)
* Rotary Eleven (B-side)
* Surfing the Ganges (Lotus B-side)
* Tighten Up (Reckoning extended re-issue)
* Tony Thrown Out (Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture)
* White Tornado (Dead Letter Office)
* Winged Mammal Theme (Automatic Box)
* Zither (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)

The Residents

* Japanese Watercolor (The Commercial Album)
* Mr Bee's Bumble (Animal Lover)


* Grasshopper (Going Blank Again)

Rob Zombie

* Sawdust In The Blood (Educated Horses)
* 100 Ways (Educated Horses)


* 2112 Overture (2112)
* Broon's Bane (Exit...Stage Left)
* Cygnus X-1 (Rio Version) (Rush in Rio)
* Der Trommler (R30 Live In Frankfurt)
* La Villa Strangiato (Hemispheres)
* Leave That Thing Alone (Counterparts)
* Limbo (Test for Echo)
* O Baterista (Rush in Rio)
* R30 Overture (R30 Live In Frankfurt)
* Rhythm Method (A Show of Hands)
* Where's My Thing? (Roll the Bones)
* Working Man: Live Drum Solo (All the World's a Stage)
* YYZ (Moving Pictures)



* Mermaid (Love Deluxe)


* Aquamarine (Samba Pa Ti)
* Bataku
* Bella
* Europa
* Incident at Neshabur (Abraxas)
* Samba Pa Ti
* Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock)
* Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (Abraxas)
* Treat (Santana)

Joe Satriani

* Always with Me, Always with You (Surfing With The Alien)
* A Piece of Liquid (Crystal Planet)
* A Train of Angels (Crystal Planet)
* Back to Shalla-Bal (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* Borg Sex (Engines of Creation)
* Ceremony (Crystal Planet)
* Circles (Surfing With The Alien)
* Crushing Day (Surfing With The Alien)
* Cryin' (The Extremist)
* Crystal Planet (Crystal Planet)
* Day at the Beach (Flying In A Blue Dream)
* Devil's Slide (Engines of Creation)
* Echo (Surfing With The Alien)
* Flying in a Blue Dream (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* Friends (The Extremist)
* GNAAHH! (Is There Love in Space?)
* Hands in the Air (Is There Love in Space?)
* Headless (Flying In A Blue Dream)
* Hill of the Skull (Surfing With The Alien)
* House Full of Bullets (Crystal Planet)
* Ice 9 (Surfing With The Alien)
* Into the Light (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* Lights of Heaven (Crystal Planet)
* Lords of Karma (Surfing With The Alien)
* Love Thing (Crystal Planet)
* Luminous Flesh Giants (Joe Satriani)
* Memories (The Extremist)
* Midnight (Surfing With The Alien)
* Motorcycle Driver (The Extremist)
* New Blues (The Extremist)
* One Big Rush (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* Psycho Monkey (Crystal Planet)
* Raspberry Jam Delta-V (Crystal Planet)
* Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness (The Extremist)
* Satch Boogie (Surfing With The Alien)
* Secrect Prayer (Crystal Planet)
* Summer Song (The Extremist)
* Surfing with the Alien (Surfing With The Alien)
* Tears in the Rain (The Extremist)
* The Bells of Lal (Part 1) (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* The Bells of Lal (Part 2) (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* The Crush of Love (Dreaming #11)
* The Extremist (The Extremist)
* The Feeling (Flying In A Blue Dream)
* The Forgotten (Part 1) (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* The Forgotten (Part 2) (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing (Flying in a Blue Dream)
* Time (Crystal Planet)
* Trundrumbalind (Crystal Planet)
* Up in Flames (Is There Love in Space?)
* Up in the Sky (Crystal Planet)
* War (The Extremist)
* Why (The Extremist)
* With Jupiter in Mind (Crystal Planet)
* ZZ's Song (Crystal Planet)

See also Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Dead Winter Dead)
* Exit Music (Edge of Thorns)
* Labyrinths (Edge of Thorns)
* Last Dawn (Hall of the Mountain King)
* Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro) (Dead Winter Dead)
* Mozart and Madness (Dead Winter Dead)
* Overture (Dead Winter Dead)
* Prelude to Madness(Hall of the Mountain King)
* Silk and Steel (Gutter Ballet)
* Underture (The Wake of Magellan)
* Temptation Revelation (Gutter Ballet)
* The Ocean (The Wake of Magellan)
* The Storm (The Wake of Magellan)
* Visions (Handful of Rain)

Sea Hags

* Bunkbed Creek (Sea Hags)

The Shadows

* Apache
* Atlantis
* Equinoxe Part V
* Guitar Tango
* Riders In The Sky
* Theme From 'The Deer Hunter'
* The Third Man
* Wonderful Land
Billy Sheehan

* A Million Tears Ago (Cosmic Troubadour [US Bonus Track])
* A Tower in the Sky (Cosmic Troubadour)
* Don't Look Down (Cosmic Troubadour)
* Dreams of Discontent (Cosmic Troubadour)
* Entrance Point (Cosmic Troubadour [Japanese Bonus Track])
* Hope (Cosmic Troubadour)
* Indisputable Truth #1 (Cosmic Troubadour)
* Long Walk Home (Cosmic Troubadour)
* NV43345 (The Talas Years)
* Taj (Cosmic Troubadour)
* The Suspense is Killing Me (Cosmic Troubadour)

A Silver Mt. Zion

* 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Blown-Out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Broken Chords Can Sing a Little (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* C'mon Comeon (Loose an Endless Longing) (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* Could've Moved Mountains (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* For Wanda (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Long March Rocket or Doomed Airliner (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Microphones in the Trees (Pretty Little Lightning Paw)
* More Action! Less Tears! (Pretty Little Lightning Paw)
* Pretty Little Lightning Paw (Pretty Little Lightning Paw)
* Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire Are Falling From the Sky! (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* Sit in the Middle of Three Galloping Dogs (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Sow Some Lonesome Corners So Many Flowers Bloom (This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather and Sing)
* Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning (He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms...)
* Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow (Pretty Little Lightning Paw)
* This Gentle Hearts like Shots Birds Fallen (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* Tho You Are Gone I Still Often Walk w/You (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)
* Triumph of Our Tired Eyes (Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward)

The Small Faces

* Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (Ogden's Nut Gone Flake)
* Wide Eyed Girl on the Wall

The Smiths

* The Draize Train (Rank)
* Money Changes Everything (The World Won't Listen)
* Oscillate Wildly (Louder Than Bombs)

Sonata Arctica

* Revontulet (Silence)

Bruce Springsteen

* Paradise by the "C" (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live/1975-85)


* 10.22 (Often Lie)
* Chairman of the Bored (Leave Your Name)
* Circular Memories (Leave Your Name)
* Mr. Nathan (Leave Your Name)

Jim Steinman

* The Storm (Bad For Good)

Al Stewart

* Burbling (Zero She Flies)
* Room of Roots (Zero She Flies)


* Adrift (Emotional Playground)


* Atlantis (Dreamspace)
* Call of the Wilderness (Fourth Dimension)
* Episode (Episode)
* Firedance (Fright Night)
* Goodbye (Fright Night)
* Holy Light (Visions)
* Metal Frenzy (Twilight Time)
* Requiem (Intermission)
* Stratofortress (Elements Part 1)
* Stratosphere (Episode)
* Stratovarius (Fourth Dimension)


* Aku Aku (Pieces of Eight)
* Clair de Lune (Crystal Ball)
* Little Fugue in D (Styx II)
* The Message (Pieces of Eight)
* Prelude 12 (Equinox)


* Falling Idols (Robbin the Hood)


* Wipeout

Symphony X

* Death of Balance / Lacrymosa (V: The New Mythology Suite)
* On the Breath of Poseidon (V: The New Mythology Suite)
* Rediscovery (V: The New Mythology Suite)
* Trancendence (V: The New Mythology Suite)



* A Musical Death (The New Order)
* Confusion Fusion (Practice What You Preach)
* Hammer of the Gods (The Gathering)
* Hypnosis (The New Order)
* Signs of Chaos (The Ritual)


* Big Cave In (Suicide Pact - You First)
* D.L.C. (Pleasure Death)


* Cesaro Summability (Ænima)
* Eon Blue Apocalypse (Lateralus)
* Intermission (Ænima)
* [-]Ions (Ænima)
* Mantra (Lateralus)
* Markeba (Salival)
* Triad (Lateralus)
* Useful Idiot (Ænima)
* Viginti Tres (10,000 Days)


* America (Crawl to China)
* Descent into the Maelstrom (Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance)
* Immunity Vector (Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm)
* K517 (Vanishing Lessons)
* The Tempter (Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance)
* Viento Borrasco (Psycho Surgery)
* Whitewashed Tomb (Stop the Bleeding)


* Glad (John Barleycorn Must Die)
* Tragic Magic (Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* Christmas Eve in Sarjevo (Christmas Eve and Other Stories)
* First Snow (Christmas Eve and Other Stories)
* Mad Russians Christmas (Christmas Eve and Other Stories)
* Silent Nutkracker (Christmas Eve and Other Stories)
* Wizards In Winter (The Lost Christmas Eve)



* Endless Deep


Steve Vai

* Alien Water Kiss (Passion and Warfare)
* An Earth Dweller (Sex and Religion)
* Answers (Passion and Warfare)
* Asian Sky (The Ultra Zone)
* Bad Horsie (Alien Love Secrets)
* Ballerina (Passion and Warfare)
* Bangkok (Fire Garden)
* Blowfish (Fire Garden)
* Blue Powder (Passion and Warfare)
* Crying Machine (Fire Garden)
* Deepness (Fire Garden)
* Die to Live (Alien Love Secrets)
* Down Deep into the Pain (Sex and Religion)
* Dyin' Day (Fire Garden)
* Erotic Nightmares (Passion and Warfare)
* Fever Dream (The Ultra Zone)
* Fire Garden Suite (Fire Garden)
* For the Love of God (Passion and Warfare)
* Frank (The Ultra Zone)
* Greasy Kid's Stuff (Passion and Warfare)
* Hand on Heart (Fire Garden)
* Here I Am (The Ultra Zone)
* I Would Love To (Passion and Warfare)
* I'll Be Around (The Ultra Zone)
* Jibboom (The Ultra Zone)
* Juice (Alien Love Secrets)
* Kill the Guy with the ... (Alien Love Secrets)
* Liberty (Passion and Warfare)
* Love Secrets (Passion and Warfare)
* Lucky Charms (The Ultra Zone)
* Mysterious Murder of Christian Tiera's Lover (Fire Garden)
* Oooo (The Ultra Zone)
* Pig (Sex and Religion)
* Silent Within (The Ultra Zone)
* Sisters (Passion and Warfare)
* State of Grace (Sex and Religion)
* Survive (Sex and Religion)
* Tender Surrender (Alien Love Secrets)
* There's a Fire in the House (Fire Garden)
* Touching Tongues (Sex and Religion)
* The Animal (Passion and Warfare)
* The Audience Is Listening (Passion and Warfare)
* The Blood & Tears (The Ultra Zone)
* The Boy from Seattle (Alien Love Secrets)
* The Riddle (Passion and Warfare)
* The Road to Mt. Calvary (Sex and Religion)
* The Ultra Zone (The Ultra Zone)
* Voodoo Acid (The Ultra Zone)
* Warm Regards (Fire Garden)
* When I Was a Little Boy (Fire Garden)
* Whookam (Fire Garden)
* Windows to the Soul (The Ultra Zone)
* Ya-Yo Gakk (Alien Love Secrets)

Van Halen

* 1984 (1984)
* 316 (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge)
* Baluchitherium (Balance)
* Cathedral (Diver Down)
* Eruption (Van Halen)
* Intruders (Diver Down)
* Little Guitars (Intro) (Diver Down)
* Spanish Fly (Van Halen II)
* Strung Out (Balance)

Stevie Ray Vaughan

* Chitlins Con Carne (The Sky Is Crying)
* Gone Home (Soul to Soul)
* Hide Away (Demo) (Couldn't Stand the Weather re-release bonus track)
* In The Open (In the Beginning)
* Lenny (Texas Flood)
* Little Wing (The Sky is Crying)
* Riviera Paradise (In Step)
* Rude Mood (Texas Flood)
* Say What! (Soul to Soul)
* Scuttle Buttin' (Couldn't Stand the Weather)
* Slide Thing (In the Beginning)
* So Excited (The Sky is Crying)
* Stang's Swang (Couldn't Stand the Weather)
* Testify (Texas Flood)
* Travis Walk (In Step)
* Wham! (The Sky is Crying)


Rick Wakeman

* Anne Boleyn 'The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended' (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* Anne of Cleves (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* Catherine Howard (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* Catherine of Aragon (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* Catherine Parr (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* The Dance of a Thousand Lights (Return to the Center of the Earth)
* Floodflames (Return to the Center of the Earth)
* Jane Seymour (The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
* The Kill (Return to the Center of the Earth)

The Who

* Cobwebs and Strange (A Quick One (UK) / Happy Jack (USA))
* Overture (Tommy)
* Quadrophenia (Quadrophenia)
* Sparks (Tommy)
* The Ox (The Who Sings My Generation)
* The Rock (Quadrophenia)
* Underture (Tommy)

Mason Williams

* Classical Gas

Brian Wilson

* Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (SMiLE')

Edgar Winter

* Frankenstein (They Only Come Out at Night)


* The Commercial (Pink Flag)


X Japan

* Es Dur (Dahlia)
* Xclamation (Blueblood)


* Can I? (The Ladder)
* Cans and Brahms (Fragile)
* Cinema (90125)
* Clap (The Yes Album)
* Excerpts from "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (Yessongs)
* Five Percent for Nothing (Fragile)
* Mood for a Day (Fragile)
* Sign Language (Keys to Ascension 2)
* The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Fragile)
Frank Zappa

* Apostrophe' (Apostrophe)
* Aybe Sea (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Big Swifty (Waka/Jawaka)
* Black Napkins (Zoot Allures)
* Blessed Relief (The Grand Wazoo)
* Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus (The Grand Wazoo)
* Down in de Dew (Läther)
* Duck Duck Goose (Läther)
* Eat That Question (The Grand Wazoo)
* Holiday in Berlin, Full-Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Igor's Boogie, Phase One (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Igor's Boogie, Phase Two (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin (Absolutely Free)
* It Must Be a Camel (Hot Rats)
* King Kong (Uncle Meat)
* Läther (Läther) a.k.a I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth (Zappa in New York)
* Leather Goods (Läther)
* Legend of the Golden Arches (Uncle Meat)
* Little House I Used to Live in
* Little Umbrellas (Hot Rats)
* Nasal Retentive Calliope Music (We're Only in It for the Money)
* Naval Aviation In Art(?) (Läther)
* Nine Types of Industrial Pollution (Uncle Meat)
* Overture to a Holiday in Berlin (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Peaches en Ragalia (Hot Rats)
* Pedro’s Dowry (Läther)
* ReDuNZL (Läther)
* Regyptian Strut (Läther)
* Revenge of the Knick Knack People (Läther)
* (Revised Music for Guitar and) Low Budget Orchestra (Läther)
* Sinister Footwear (You Are What You Is)
* Sofa No. 1 (One Size Fits All)
* Son of Mr. Green Genes (Hot Rats)
* The Black Page (Zappa in New York)
* The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny (We're Only in It for the Money)
* The Grand Wazoo (The Grand Wazoo)
* The Gumbo Variations (Hot Rats)
* The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution (Läther)
* The Purple Lagoon (Zappa in New York)
* Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich (Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
* Uncle Meat Theme (Uncle Meat)
* Waka/Jawaka (Waka/Jawaka)
* Zolar Czakl (Uncle Meat)

CATATAN: CD Strictly Genteel adalah kompilasi dari orkestra instrumental Zappa.

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Rabu, 25 Juni 2008

dream theater

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Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Dream Theater

Dream Theater
Dari Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas berbahasa Indonesia.
Asal Boston, Massachusetts
Genre Progressive metal
Tahun aktif 1985 - sekarang
Label Atlantic, RoadRunner Records
Anggota sekarang
James LaBrie
John Myung
John Petrucci
Mike Portnoy
Jordan Rudess
Mantan anggota
Derek Sherinian
Kevin Moore
Charlie Dominici
Chris Collins

Dream Theater adalah salah satu grup progressive metal paling terkemuka di dunia saat ini. Didirikan oleh Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci dan John Myung, mereka telah merilis delapan album studio, empat rekaman live dan satu album pendek (EP). Album pertama mereka, When Dream And Day Unite direkam dengan Charlie Dominici sebagai vokalis dan Kevin Moore sebagai pemain keyboards. Dominici berusia jauh lebih tua daripada anggota lainnya dan ingin memainkan musik yang lain, sehingga ia kemudian keluar dari grup. Mereka kemudian mencari pengganti yang ideal selama 2 tahun sampai akhirnya bertemu dengan James LaBrie, vokalis dari Kanada melalui audisi.

Bersama LaBrie mereka merekam Images And Words yang melambungkan nama mereka ke jajaran internasional dengan hit "Pull Me Under" dan "Another Day". Awake adalah album terakhir mereka dengan Moore yang kemudian digantikan oleh Derek Sherinian untuk album Falling Into Infinity. Pada akhirnya Sherinian juga digantikan oleh Jordan Rudess dan formasi ini masih bertahan sampai hari ini. Mereka telah meluncurkan album konsep Metropolis 2: Scenes From A Memory dan album ganda Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. Pada tahun 2003 mereka memutuskan untuk merekam album non-konsep Train Of Thought yang sangat dipengaruhi oleh grup thrash metal seperti Metallica.

Album terbaru mereka yang berjudul Octavarium dikeluarkan pada tanggal 7 Juni 2005 dan selain merupakan album studio kedelapan juga mengandung delapan lagu.

Setelah Dream Theater meluncurkan album Live mereka dalam memperingati 20 tahun Dream Theater terbentuk yang berjudul Score yang direkam pada tanggal 1 April 2006 di Radio City Music Hall,US. Mereka kembali bersiap meluncurkan album ke sembilan mereka dengan membawa bendera label record baru yaitu RoadRunner Records, mereka telah merampungkan album Systematic Chaos yang berisi 8 lagu dan akan diluncurkan pada tanggal 5 Juni 2007 di US.


Dream Theater dibentuk pada bulan September 1985, ketika gitaris John Petrucci dan bassis John Myung memutuskan untuk membentuk sebuah band untuk mengisi waktu luang mereka ketika bersekolah di Berklee College of Music di Boston. Mereka lalu bertemu seorang pemain drum, Mike Portnoy, di salah satu ruang latihan di Berklee, dan setelah dua hari negosiasi, mereka berhasil mengajak Mike Portnoy untuk bergabung. Setelah itu, mereka bertiga ingin mengisi dua tempat kosong di band tersebut, dan Petrucci bertanya kepada teman band, Kevin Moore, untuk menjadi pemain keyboard. Dia setuju, dan ketika Chris Collins diajak untuk menjadi vokalis, band tersebut sudah komplit.

Dengan lima anggota, mereka memutuskan untuk menamai band tersebut dengan nama Majesty. Menurut dokumentasi DVD Score, mereka berlima sedang mengantri tiket untuk konser Rush di Berklee Performance Center ketika mendengarkan Rush dengan boom box. Portnoy lalu berkata bahwa akhiran dari lagu tersebut (Bastille Day) terdengar sangat "majestic". Pada saat itulah mereka memutuskan Majesty adalah nama yang bagus untuk sebuah band, dan tetap bagus sampai sekarang.

Pada saat - saat tersebut, Portnoy, Petrucci dan Myung masih berkutat dengan kuliah mereka, juga dengan kerja paruh waktu dan mengajar. Jadwal mereka menjadi kiat ketat sehingga mereka harus memutuskan antara mengejar karir di bidang musik atau mengakhiri band Majesty. Namun akhirnya Majesty menang dan mereka bertiga keluar dari Berklee untuk berkonsentrasi di karir musik. Petrucci mengomentari tentang hal ini di dokumentasi DVD Score, berkata bahwa saat tersebut sangat susah untuk meminta kepada orang tuanya untuk pergi ke sekolah musik. Dan lebih susah lagi untuk menyakinkan orang tuanya agar ia boleh keluar dari sekolah.

Moore juga akhirnya keluar dari sekolahnya, SUNY Fredonia, untuk berkonsentrasi dengan band tersebut.

Karakteristik penulisan lagu

Beberapa teknik penulisan lagu yang unik telah dilakukan oleh Dream Theater, yang kebanyakan terjadi di masa - masa sekarang, ketika mereka bisa bereksperimen dengan label rekaman mereka sendiri.

Dimulai dengan Train of Thought, Dream Theater sudah memulai memasukkan elemen - elemen kecil dan tersembunyi di musik mereka, dan memuat elemen tersebut kepada peminat yang lebih fanatik. Karakteristik yang paling terkenal (yang biasa disebut "nugget") tersembunyi di "In the Name of God", yang merupakan sandi morse dari "eat my ass and balls" (makan pantatku dan penisku), yang merupakan kata - kata terkenal dari Mike Portnoy. Sejak saat itu, banyak peminat - peminat Dream Theater mulai berusaha menemukan hal - hal kecil yang biasanya tidak menarik bagi peminat biasa.

Beberapa dari teknik mereka yang terkenal termasuk:
* Suara dari fonograf di akhiran dari "Finally Free" di album Scenes from a Memory adalah suara yang sama di awalan "The Glass Prison" di album berikutnya, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Dan akhiran kunci terakhir di "As I Am" sama dengan kunci yang digunakan di album selanjutnya, Train of Thought. Juga, not piano yang dimainkan di akhiran "In the Name of God" di 'Train of Thought adalah not yang sama dengan pembukaan "The Root of All Evil" di album berikutnya, Octavarium.

* Tiga bagian dari "The Glass Prison" di Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, dua bagian dari "This Dying Soul" di Train of Thought dan dua bagian dari "The Root of All Evil" di Octavarium menunjukkan tujuh poin pertama dari dua belas poin - poin di program Alcoholics Anonymous oleh Bill Wilson, yang mana program itu diikuti oleh Mike Portnoy. Ia juga berkata bahwa ia akan membuat lagu - lagu lain yang memuat lima program lainnya, yang akan ditujukan untuk Wilson

* Dream Theater kadang menggunakan teknik penulisan lagu dimana bagian - bagian dari sebuah lagu dikembangkan tiap kali mereka dimainkan. Contohnya, lagu "6:00" dari Awake. Setelah awalan lagu, mereka hampir memainkan chorus, tapi mengulang lagu tersebut dari awalan lagi (di menit 1:33). Dan ketika chorus sudah seharusnya dimainkan pada saat berikutnya, mereka mengulang lagi dari awalan, di menit 2:11. Teknik ini bisa juga ditemukan di "Peruvian Skies", "Blind Faith" dan "Endless Sacrifice"
Penggunaan notasi yang berulang - ulang juga digunakan, yang sudah dikenal dari lagu - lagu Charles Ives, contohnya:

* Tema lagu "Wait for Sleep" muncul di "Learning to Live" (menit 8:11) dan juga muncul dua kali di "Just Let Me Breath" (menit 3:39 dan 5:21)
* Tema lagu "Learning to Live" muncul di "Another Day" (menit 2:53)
* Tema lagu "Space-Dye Vest" digunakan beberapa kali di album Awake.
* Tema pembukaan dari "Erotomania" digunakan di "Voices" di Awake (menit 4:51).
* Satu dari melodi - melodi di "Metropolis Pt 1 (The Miracle and the Sleeper)" diulang di chorus kedua di "Home" dari Metropolis Pt 2 (Scenes From A Memory), dengan cuma pengubahan satu kata. Beberapa lirik dari "Metropolis Pt 1" just digunakan di "Home". Pada dasarnya, keseluruhan album "Scenes From A Memory" penuh dengan musikal/lirikal/konseptual variasi dari elemen - elemen musikal dari "Metropolis Pt 1" dan "The Dance of Eternity" sebenarnya dibangun dari variasi - variasi elemen musik di lagu - lagu dalam album tersebut.
* Bagian - baguan dari tiap lagu di album "Octavarium" telah digunakan di bagian kelima dari lagu berjudul sama, "Octavarium".
* Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, studio album ke enam mereka, memuat enam lagu dan mempunyai karakter - karakter angka enam di judul - judul lagunya. Train of Thought, studio album ke tujuh mereka, memuat tujuh lagu. Octavarium, studio album ke delapan mereka memuat delapan lagu dan judul albumnya diambil dari kata octo, yang merupakan kata Latin yang berarti delapan, berarti satu oktaf dari istilah musik, yang mana merupakan jarak dari satu not ke not lain adalah delapan not di tangga nada diatonik. Judul lagi dari CD ini adalah 24 menit, kelipatan dari 8. Halaman depan albumnya juga memuat karakter - karakter yang berhubungan dengan 5 dan 8. Contohnya, satu set dari kotak - kotak putih dan kotak - kotak hitam, mempunyai arti satu oktaf dari piano.

* Lagu "Octavarium" dulunya ingin diakhiri dengan seruling yang bergema serupa dengan awalan lagu tersebut. Namun diganti dengan not piano yang sama dari awalan album Octavarium. Mike Portnoy telah mengatakan bahwa seri awalan - akhiran album akan berhenti disini, karena album ke sembilan mendatang tidak akan diawali dengan akhiran "Octavarium"

* Analisis detil tentang "nugget" di "Octavarium" (disebut oleh Mike Portnoy sebagai "sebuah nugget raksasa") telah dipublikasikan di sebuah situs independen.


* When Dream and Day Unite(1989)
* Images and Words(1992)
* Live at Marquee(1993)
* Awake(1994)
* A Change of Season(1995)
* Falling into Infinity(1997)
* Once in a Live Time(1998)
* Scene from Memory(1999)
* Live Scene from New York(2001)
* Six Degree of Inner Turbulance(2002)
* Train of Thought(2003)
* Live at Budokan(2004)
* Octavarium(2005)
* Score(2006)
* Systematic Chaos(2007)

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Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold
Dari Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas berbahasa Indonesia.
Avenged Sevenfold atau lebih dikenal sebagai A7X atau Sevenfold, didirikan oleh Zacky Vengeance (gitar) dan M. Shadows (vokal), ketika mereka masih SMA di Orange County. Kemudian mereka mengajak The Reverend Tholomew Plague (drum), dan mereka merilis demo pada tahun 1999

Perilisan demo awal pada tahun 1999, sehingga ditetapkan sebagai tahun lahirnya Avenged Sevenfold. Pada tahun 2002 mereka kembali merilis Sounding The Seventh Trumpet yang sebelumnya pernah dirilis pada tahun 2001, dimulai dengan Masuknya Synyster Gates (gitar) pada trek prtama pada album Sounding the Sevent Trumpet.

Lalu mereka menjalin kerjasama dengan Hopeless Records, dan merilis Waking the Fallen, dengan mengeluarkan hits Mainstream, Unholy Confessions. Album ini mendapat dukungan yang tinggi dari Rolling Stones Magazine.

City of Evil (Jalan Menuju Mainstream)

Tahun 2005 , Amerika Serikat tengah jenuh dengan musik hip-hop dan pop yang merajalela , lalu Avenged Sevenfold merilis album mereka City of Evil dengan hits single Bat Country yg merupakan lagu metal/rock prtama yg merajai MTV TRL . mereka mempopulerkan kembali solo gitar dengan duet gitaris Synster Gates dan Zacky Vengeance yg benar-benar memanaskan area moshpit. Album tersebut mendapat sertifikasi gold dan memenangkan predikat Best New Artist in a Video di MTV VMA 2006 untuk lagu Bat Country.

Tahun 2007 , mereka kembali masuk studio untuk merekam lagu terbaru mereka untuk studio album ke-5 mereka. Awal Agustus 2007 , mereka menjalani tur Asia Pasifik mereka , dan sempat mampir di Indonesia dan memainkan lagu mereka pertama kali didepan publik , lagu yang berjudul Almost Easy tersebut mendapat sambutan hangat dari penggemar di seluruh dunia.

2008 ini .. mereka akan berpartisipasi sebagai headliners di taste of chaos , tur tahunan / warped tour musim dingin . mereka akan bermain bersama dengan bullet for my valentine , atreyu , dan blessthefall ,


* Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (2001)

1. "To End the Rapture" – 1:22
2. "Turn the Other Way" – 5:37
3. "Darkness Surrounding" – 4:49
4. "The Art of Subconscious Illusion" – 3:47
5. "We Come Out at Night" – 4:45
6. "Lips of Deceit" – 4:04
7. "Warmness on the Soul" – 4:19
8. "An Epic of Time Wasted" – 4:20
9. "Breaking Their Hold" – 1:11
10. "Forgotten Faces" – 3:37
11. "Thick and Thin" – 4:11
12. "Streets" – 3:06
13. "Shattered By Broken Dreams" – 7:06

* Warmness on the Soul EP (2001)
* Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (2002) rilis ulang

* Waking the Fallen (2003)

1. "Waking The Fallen" 1:44
2. "Unholy Confessions" 4:45
3. "Chapter Four" 5:44
4. "Remenissions" 6:08
5. "Desecrate Through Reverance" 5:40
6. "Eternal Rest" 5:14
7. "Second Heartbeat" 7:02
8. "Radiant Eclipse" 6:11
9. "I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1" 9:00
10. "I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 2" 4:46
11. "Clairvoyant Disease" 5:01
12. "And All Things Will End" 7:40

* City of Evil (2005)

1. "Beast and the Harlot" – 5:40
2. "Burn It Down" – 4:58
3. "Blinded in Chains" – 6:35
4. "Bat Country" – 5:13
5. "Trashed and Scattered" – 5:54
6. "Seize the Day" – 5:32
7. "Sidewinder" – 7:01
8. "The Wicked End" – 7:11
9. "Strength of the World" – 9:14
10. "Betrayed" – 6:47
11. "M.I.A." – 8:46

* Avenged Sevenfold Self-Titled Album (2007)

1. "Critical Acclaim" – 5:14
2. "Almost Easy" – 3:53
3. "Scream" – 4:48
4. "Afterlife" – 5:51
5. "Gunslinger" - 4:11 (featuring Shanna Crooks)
6. "Unbound (The Wild Ride)" (featuring Zander Ayeroff and Annmarie Rizzo) – 5:11
7. "Brompton Cocktail" – 4:12
8. "Lost" – 5:01
9. "A Little Piece of Heaven" (featuring Juliette Commagere) – 8:00
10. "Dear God" (featuring Shanna Crooks) – 6:33

Anggota saat ini

* M. Shadows - lead vocals
* Synyster Gates - lead guitars, piano, backing vocals
* Zacky Vengeance - rhythm guitars, backing vocals
* Johnny Christ - bass, backing vocals
* James Sullivan (The Reverend Tholomew Plague) - drums, percussion, vocals, piano

Ciri khas

Mereka cenderung memainkan nuansa agresif pada vokal, gitar, dan drum (bass tetap statis). Dengan sentuhan yang dinamis, mau keras atau lambat, mereka tetap menggunakan harmonisasi yang luar biasa dan komposisi yang teratur. Sebut saja lagu-lagu yang sedikit melow, seperti Seize The Day dan Dear God, gitarnya tetap di drop Dm seperti halnya metal-metal kebanyakan. Kemudian, ciri khasnya selain komposisi dan drop, Syn memasukkan nuansa sweep picking (arpeggio) di hampir semua lagunya. Keindahan sweep picking yang dipadukan dengan kromatik, slide, dan teknik-teknik lainnya bisa kita dengar di lagu The Wicked End. Kemudian selain itu, tidak lupa juga sentuhan akustik yang membawa suasana seperti di Hawaii, bisa kita dengar di lagu Sidewinder. Tapi, satu lagi ciri khas yang tidak pernah lepas dari mereka, menduetkan gitar Syn dan Zacky, memakai double bass dengan tempo yang beberapa kali lipat beat-nya dari biasanya.

Mantan Anggota

* Justin Sane - Bass Gitar
* Dameon Ash - Bass Gitar
* Matt Wendt - Basses

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